Scout Ranger Program

One of the programs of the Boy Scouts of America is the Scout Ranger Program or the Resource Stewardship Scout Ranger program. This program of the organization is intended for the youth. Under this program, there are many different educational or volunteer service projects. The projects are usually done at national park sites. For the youth to be aware of the national parks and be able to explore it, this program was also added as a part of the organization. The youth can learn many things.

They can learn how to protect the environment especially the natural and cultural resources. And for them to be more encouraged, there are certificates and patches given to the participants. There are qualifications on how to earn a certificate and/or patch. Participating in any organized education activities or any volunteer service project for a minimum of five (5) hours at a national park is one of the best way to earn a Scout Ranger certificate. Being a Scout Ranger, you can join in events, travel, or a camp experience.

And for the patch, just add five (5) hours more when you participate in any organized educational activities or volunteer service activities at any national park. There are some instructions that the Scout Rangers need to follow. These instructions should be followed in order to finally join the Scout Ranger Program. By receiving many awards, certificates and/or patches, a Scout Ranger can also help other youths to build a character as well as for the improvement of one’s leadership skills.