Volunteer Service Activities

Boy Scouts of America do not just simply have fun and do adventure activities. As Boy Scouts, they undergo training and learn a of of things that can help them achieve their dream for the future. The youth usually imagine things and have visions related to their interest. In order to stir it and encourage them to do what they want, there are outdoor adventures for them to do and experience under the Boy Scout Outdoor Program. The scouts also do volunteer services as their project.

Conservation is also a part of the BSA’s program. This non-profit organization had a vision to render public services through many different ways. The Scouts help in the conservation of wildlife, forests, and also soil, water, and energy. In many local communities, the citizens recognized the efforts of the youth members of the BSA. As the youth learn about the importance of conserving natural resources, so they also joyfully and enthusiastically participate in doing volunteer service activities such as maintaining the cleanliness of the national parks.

The Scouts also do tree planting and other plants that can help to stop soil erosion. In a recreation area or park, the youth members clean by picking up litters and collecting garbage for disposal. Whether a youth belongs to the Cub Scouts group or Varsity Scouts, Venturers, Boy Scouts, and Webelos Scouts, each group have projects and activities to help their own local community and many other areas. Their efforts are worth of a recognition and praise. Their good deeds should continue to help the nation.